Clinics charge as much as $250 per B12 shot. We charge as little as $3.

What Is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 Injections

Learn everything about vitamin B12 injections. What are their benefits? Any side effects? Can you overdose? How can you get them?

Vitamin B12 Foods

What foods are the richest sources of B12? Find out how to maximize your intake through consuming a variety of vitamin B12 foods.

Normal Vitamin B12 Levels

What do we consider good vitamin B12 levels? Here’s a good range to aim for, and it is very different than what’s normally accepted.

Vitamin B12 Forms

What’s the best form of vitamin B12? Methyl vs Cyano vs Adenosyl vs Hydroxo B12. Learn everything about any type of B12.

Vitamin B12 Overdose & Toxicity

Can taking too much vitamin B12 kill you? Let’s have a look at the scientific literature regarding B12 toxicity and overdose levels.

Best B12 Supplement For You

Which is the best vitamin B12 supplement? This depends entirely on the reason behind your need to supplement.

Vitamin B12 Benefits

What is B12 good for? What does it actually do, and why do we need it? Let’s have a look at all the ways vitamin B12 benefits you.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Your ultimate resource on vitamin B12 deficiency. What causes it? What are the symptoms? Most crucial, how do we treat it?

Vitamin B12 Absorption

Understanding the pathways through which B12 is absorbed can help you understand why certain conditions could lead to deficiency.

On MTHFR, B12 And Folate

Learn how the MTHFR enzyme, folate, and B12 all play key roles in the metabolic processes of the body, especially in reducing homocysteine.