Clinics charge as much as $250 per B12 shot. We charge as little as $3.

Vitamin B12 Injections

B12 Injections Dosage & Frequency

How often should you get a B12 shot, and how much B12 should you inject per shot? These two questions are common – we get them often.

Best Needle For B12 Injections

What’s the best needle size and gauge for B12 injections? We recommend shorter sizes of 4-5mm and gauges of 30 and above. Here’s why.

Build Your B12 Self-Injection Kit

Follow these steps and you’ll have the best B12 injection kit in the world. It will be painless, contain no additives, and it won’t cost much.

What Happens If You Inject B12 Into Fat?

Injecting B12 into fat allows for a slower absorption rate, leading to less B12 being wasted. There’s also a lower chance of injury, and it’s less painful.

Why Do I Feel Worse After My B12 Injection?

Dr. Chandy estimates that 1 in 10 people experience this effect. Just as you anticipate relief from the symptoms, the unexpected happens.

Needleless Injectors Are Here

Sick of prodding yourself with needles just to get your daily dose of medicine? This needleless injector will set you free.

Buy Injectable Saline

Struggling to find where to buy saline for injection? Worry no longer. We stepped in, and you can now order it through us for $35.

What Happens If You Inject B12 Wrong?

It’s a hard thing to do, but what happens if you inject B12 wrong? It depends what type of ‘wrong’ you’re talking about. Let’s explore each.

Does Injectable Vitamin B12 Go Bad Or Expire?

Does injectable B12 ever expire or go bad? Is it OK to take expired vitamin B12 injections? Click to read more and to be able to decide for yourself.

Can You Get B12 Injections Over The Counter?

If you can’t find any B12 shots to buy over the counter, or if you can’t get a prescription, worry no longer.

How Long Can B12 Be In a Syringe?

It’s not a good idea to store B12 in syringes for injections at a later date. It’s not so much about sterility, but about photolysis – destruction by light.

Chronic Fatigue: B12 Injections Not Working?

Are your B12 injections not working? Does chronic fatigue haunt you even though you’ve been injecting for a while? Here’s what may be happening.

Do B12 Shots Work?

Do B12 injections really work? Well, the answer depends on the reason you want to inject, and on the frequency and duration you plan to inject for.

Buy B12 Injections (Methylcobalamin)

Buy B12 injections online from PA Relief. We offer pure, highest grade 100% methylcobalamin. We know how urgent it may be, so we’re shipping ultra fast.

Vitamin B12 Shots & Weight Loss

The idea of B12 injections magically obliterating fat seems to be circulating all around the internet. Is it true though?

Why Do You Need B12 Injections?

Why do people need B12 injections? Is there a reason for you to inject? Let’s explore all the reasons, and see what you should do.

How Long Does a B12 Shot Last?

How long does a B12 shot last and stay in your system? That’s a tricky question, because it depends on what exactly you’re asking.

Do You Need a Prescription For B12 Injections?

We came up with a way to buy injectable B12 without a prescription at all.

Vitamin B12 Injections Reviews

Read our injectable B12 patient reviews. We have many repeat customers who self-inject regularly with great success.

How Quickly Does a B12 Shot Work?

How quickly do B12 shots work? How soon will you feel less tired? We get these questions quite a lot. Here’s our full answer.

Are B12 Injections Painful?

Are B12 injections painful? To some people, yes, though others barely feel anything at all. Learn why, and how you too can minimize the pain.

Vitamin B12 Injections Side Effects

Are there any reactions or side effects to vitamin B12 shots? Some cases are recorded, but there are a few things to consider.

Vitamin B12 Shots Benefits

What are the benefits of B12 shots? Let’s look at the unique advantages B12 injections bring to the table, for different groups of people.

Vitamin B12 Injections Price

How much do B12 shots cost? Your B12 injections price depend on a few factors. Learn what they are, and where you can get the best deal.

Best Vitamin B12 Injection Sites

What are the best B12 injection sites? Learn where the best places to give the shots are, whether you’re injecting SQ or IM.

How to Give a B12 Injection at Home

How to give a B12 injection by yourself, from the comfort of your home? It’s easy, and you can learn how to do it in 10 minutes.